tuCloud Federal Inc. is a CAGE registered federal contractor, our active CAGE code is 76ZB1 and you can use it to check our credentials on the Defense Logistics Agency information service website.

We are also registered on the SAM database and also with Dun & Bradstreet, you can search for our records on the Sam.gov website or the Dun & Bradstreet website using DUNS number 967732400.


An Introduction To
Safeweb Cybersecurity

NNSA Co-Developed

Our model was developed in collaboration with cybersecurity teams at Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories.

Grid Distributed

Our platform is built to massively scale out, on commodity hardware, across multiple tenants, enabling you to protect millions of users.

Physical Isolation

Our platform is based on the principles of security through physical isolation, we physically isolate malware & cyber risks.


The Webshark™ malware component sweeps the entire Safeweb platform for known malware indicators in real time.

Rapid Deployment

Our platform is designed for rapid deployment, we can comfortably provision and deploy thousands of desktops & browsers per hour.

Trust Agile

Trust agility is the ability to quickly make or revise a trust decision, for whatever reason. Safeweb is a completely trust agile solution.

Frictionless Deployment

Safeweb clouds can be deployed in a frictionless manner, meaning no changes to your internal infrastructure are required.

Production Ready Model

Safeweb has been tested in production environments over a four year period and thousands of US federal government users.


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